Not so long ago I was asked by my company whether I’d take some head-shots for people to use on their Office365/LinkedIn (& elsewhere) profiles – of course I said yes!

Our office space (this gives you an idea of how recent this was) has some great open spaces with lots of natural light and various plain walls that I thought would be ideal for neutral backgrounds – supplement that with some lighting either side and easy peasy…

For the setup, I used two D-Lite strobes, one on either side of where the ‘model’ would stand, and at just above head height (so let’s say 2m) and around 3m apart.

On the floor, I simply placed some masking tape so that it was easy to get people in position and had them facing 45 degrees with heads turned to the camera – this enabled a consistency throughout the shots, important if you’re following a corp theme and/or are going to feature on the ‘Meet the team’ web-page 😊

As for camera/lens etc, using a tripod I was ~4m away and used a Canon 5d Mk2 with a 70-200mm Canon L lens at 200mm – f/11 – 1/80 sec – ISO 100. Ever so slight post processing (dust spots etc) and job done!

A sample of the shots from the day above – hopefully you can see the consistency in these and how that then suits a team page or similar… If you’re looking for a some head shots or team images for your business, please get in touch via the contact page and let’s have a chat.

getty images
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