Corp Headshots

Not so long ago I was asked by my company whether I’d take some head-shots for people to use on their Office365/LinkedIn (& elsewhere) profiles – of course I said yes! Our office space (this gives you an idea of how recent this was) has some great open spaces with lots of natural light and various plain walls that I thought would be ideal for neutral backgrounds – supplement that

Dark Light Photography

A while back I wanted to understand how these kind of images were captured and what lighting setup was used – I’d seen various images of this type and thought I could create something similar… But how was it done and what was the style of photography called? A google search later and I came across ‘Dark Light photography’ which yields many results, with various tutorials, video walk throughs and

Crème caramels

Over time a number of people have asked me about my food photos and what sort of lighting, placement, setup etc I use? As an easy example then is some Crème Caramel shots I did a while back, now, this isn’t the most exciting dessert in the world, but I thought I could take a few images for stock (+ eat them after) and see what I could come up

Great Wall Marathon – May 2015

Back in 2015 I decided that there were a couple of things I’d like to do, one – run a marathon. While easy enough to find a race, I somehow didn’t really fancy pounding the streets of Reading or somewhere else relatively local, if I was going to do some serious damage to my knees, may as well be somewhere interesting… two – experience the Great Wall of China which